Deck Boy M.V. Africa Palm First trip 8/8.57 to 16/11.57 then
Junior Ordinary Seaman - 2nd. Voyage 3/12/57 to 13/2/58
Both voyages to West Africa taking in Sierra Leone, the Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, the Cameroons and Las Palmas

M.V. Amarna - Three Voyages from Liverpool all round the Mediterrenean Sea including ports in Sicily, Malta, Cyprus. Turkey, Syria, Egypt, The Lebanon, Israel, Tunisia and Libya Lasting from 12/3/58 to 27/8/58

M.V.Cape York - Served as Ordinary seaman from 11/9/58 to 23/12/58 on a voyage through the Panama Canal to Long Beach L.A. Portland Oregon, Vancouver and West coast ports of Canada up the creeks to load timber,

M.V.Sandalwood Joined on 10/2/59 in Heysham in a snowstorm at a very long jetty sailed out to Venezuela, Uruguay and Curacao returning to Liverpool, then out to Hong Kong, Borneo, the Persian Gulf and home on 19/5/59

M.V.Roscoe - Joined on 2/7/59 as Ordinary Seaman, Sailing for South America calling at Ricife, Rio de Janeiro, Santos, Port Alegre, Buenos Aires, paying off in Hull 13/9/59

M.V.Tremayne E.D.H. From 2/10/59 until 13/3/60 A round the world voyage - Burmuda, Bahamas, Cuba, Florida,Panama, Mexico, Japan, Australia, South Africa. ( See my story.)

S.T.S. Athelchief - another tanker - Joined in Birenhead 9/4/60 out to New York then running between the Maracaibo Lakes and Aruba and Caracas. Paid off in Falmouth 29/7/60

S.S.Bidford Priory - Signed on this tanker for her maiden voyage in Liverpool on 13/10/60 a couple of trips to the Persian Gulf paying off in Tilbury 20/12/60 (Arrested for murder on this one - see my story).

M.V.Sussex Trader - 24/1/61 To Casablanca, South Africa, Japan, Australia, home via the Suez. (Saw St. Elmo`s fire for the first time on this voyage) Paid off in Rotterdam 8/7/61

M.V.Tasmania Star - 21/7/61 to 31/12/61 Able seaman to New Zealand. all round the coast (Bluff in the South Island - nearest pub there to the South Pole) Working ashore at times loading frozen lamb carcases onto ships.

M.V.Cato - I joined on the 7/1/62 as A.B. She was in built Goole in 1946. She came to an untimely end on 24/4/63 , when she was rammed and sunk by Ellerman Line`s M.V. City of Brooklyn whilst berthed in Avonmouth Docks. She was subsequently raised and towed to Newport, where she was broken up. Earlier, in 1957, whilst entering the River Avon under tow, the Cato ran down and sank her tug, the Sea Prince.
I Ieft her on 12/5/62 to study for My Mate H.T. Passenger Ship Certificate.

M.V.Milo - I Signed on her first on 2/8/62 as A.B. for a few weeks to make some cash before resuming my studies - I subsequently sailed on her as 2nd. Mate and then 1st.Mate for a few years during the 60`s. tramping all round the U.K. and Ireland, the Continent and Bay of Biscay ports.

I obtained my Mate`s `Ticket` then joined the M.V.Uskport in Dublin 10/12/62 as 3rd. Mate - sailing to Huelva and Casablanca paying off in Cork 15/1/63 During the severely cold winter of that year.

S.S. Leicesterbrook - Coasting U.K. and Continent - Signed on as 2nd. Mate on 24/1/63 later promoted to 1st.mate until I left her on 26/7/63

S.S. Rudry - another steamer, (originally the Lincolnbrook) joined as Chief Officer on 13/8/63 `till 19/12/63 - U.K., Ireland Continent and Spanish Biscay ports.

M.V. Apollo - 22/1/64 This was the start of my 16 years with Bristol Steam Navigation Company. I was 3rd. Mate then a few months later promoted to 2nd. Mate leaving only to sit for my Master`s Home Trade Passenger Ship certificate which I passed on the 16/8/65 - I also served on the M.V. Juno, M.V.Pluto, on the`Guiness` run - Dublin to Bristol as well as the `Dido` and the `Hero`
I reckon that I loved my work with energy and pride,

Aboard the old Apollo until our trade just died,

Redundant in my prime, my life could not redeem,

That’s the only reason I left the Bristol Steam.

It’s well I do remember that black and awful day,

When the Owners gave me orders to take my ship away,

They sold her to some foreigners so ending up my dream,

And flew a different house flag of unfamiliar green.

I sailed with other companies that answered to my call,

Losing touch with loyal crew - I missed them one and all,

I was the man that led the band with mighty high esteem,

But I remember now the good old days aboard the Bristol Steam.

M.V.Echo - I achieved my ambition of becoming Master with Bristol Steam before I was thirty years old.
I took over the M.V.Echo as Captain on 14/6/71

`Apollo` after being `jumboised`. Our berth at `N`shed Avonmouth.

`Apollo` at N Shed.

Drill Ship Pholas - Master from 30/6/80 to 1/10/80 when ship sold.

October 1980 Master M.V.Frederik M

15/11/80 - 24/11/80 Master M.V. Maythorn

18/6.80 - 30/6.80 Master M.V.Gorsethorn

10/12/80 to 2/2/81 Master M.V.Quickthorn

Grab Dredger `CLIFTON` on the `grid` at Bristol. Served as Master several times from `82 untill I took her round to London and delivered her to foreign buyers on 3/10/84

S.D.Severn - Master - Various times between 24/8/82 and 26/8/91 then the ship was laid up.


I joined CORY TOWAGE as Master - on !st. November 1991 - this was one of my favourites.


My Endeavour crew; Chris Winters, Jimmy Green,
Me and John Davidson

Sea Endeavour with a `bone in her mouth`

Towing a Warship - Note my tug (Avongarth) is connected bow -to- bow eg. stern first.

Shoving an air-craft carrier

Placing an Air-craft carrier in the locks at Royal Portbury.
Avonmouth docks in the background.